Charles William Kahles

Hi, it's me again, your first and original super-hero Hairbreadth Harry. Hairbreadth HarryToday I want to tell you a bit more about my creator - Charles William Kahles.

Charles was born as Karl Wilhelm Kahles in 1878 in Lengfurt, Germany. He was the son of Peter Kahles and Maria Elisabeta Herberich. He and his family immigrated 1884 to the USA, where he became famous for being a cartoon-pioneer.

Both the Herberich- and the Kahles families are old established families in Lengfurt and both families share family-ties over centuries. 

My sister - well, Charles' daughter - Jessie Kahles Straut wrote a short biography about my creator. Thanks to my cousin Margaret, who has forwarded the document to the author of this website, we are able to provide you with the transcribed document which you can download here.

For your entertainment I have also attached a few comics of me and some of my fellow comic-characters that Charles did create in the early 20th century. 

Enjoy the read,