The Family Crest

The Herberich family originating in Lengfurt have their own family crest. The classy and beautiful design of the crest, has been created by the designer and heraldist Claus J. Billet, in collaboration with the sponsor of the crest. On this page you can see the drawing of our family crest and some details about the looks of our crest and on how it came about.

The family crest of the Herberich family of Lengfurt

The description, or blazon of our family crest says the following, in the correct, heraldic expression (in translation from German, as best as possible):
“In the serration of silver on red, in front two crossed coopers hooks covered with a coopers mallet, at the back, St. Sebastian (tied to a pole, pierced by two arrows) all in alternating tinctures. Mantling and beading red and silver, between two horns with golden mouthpiece, silver and red in front, at the back in reverse order colouring, a silver rose, with green leaves with golden button. ”

For a family steeped in history like the Herberich family from Lengfurt, there is of course a lot of symbolism in our family crest. Here are some of the symbols explained:
– The mallet with the two crossed coopers hooks stand for the profession of a some of the ancestors, which were coopers.
– The drawing of “Saint Sebastian” is symbolising the “Oath of the Black Death in Lengfurt, dated 1632”.
– The “Rose of Wertheim” in the family crest represents the loyalty of the Herberich family to Count Michael of Wertheim.

Authority to carry this family crest have:
“The direct descendants of today’s oldest known ancestor Johann Herberich (1588), while carrying the Herberich name, also spouses and the offspring, as long as the marriage lasts and as long as the Herberich name is carried (also as part of a double name)!”


Source information:
1) The background image is the first page of the report of the fishermen from Lengfurt, dated 1432, viewable in the Staatsarchiv (state archives) in Wertheimarchival materials G Rep. 44 No. 3.