At this site you will find a conglomeration of the genealogical research results of the Herberich families and related families, as well as events in history, which impacted our families. As the author of this website originates from Lengfurt in Lower Frankonia, Germany the main focus is on the Herberich Family of Lengfurt, non related namesakes are also taken into account as best as possible.
These pages should give you a general overview of the history of the Herberich families. Detailed research results are stored in a non-public genealogy database.

Of course I am happy to share relevant information, and I am always grateful for any assistance or cooperation in the exploration of common ancestors, that of my Herberich namesakes and in local history events. You can find the contact form at the right of the screen.

More content will be added in the next few days.

Source information:
1) The background image is the first page of the report of the fishermen from Lengfurt, dated 1432, viewable in the Staatsarchiv (state archives) in Wertheimarchival materials G Rep. 44 No. 3.